The Recovery Lunch Club

Beyond Support

The Private & Exclusive Chain Busting Club for People in Recovery

The Recovery Lunch Club as an outreach to people in our local communities
here in Hot Springs, Montana.

Getting people together from all roads of Recovery is powerful
because Peer Support strengthens, empowers and leads to ongoing sobriety!



Just as we were about to schedule our first lunch event, Covid 19 struck the world.
We can only move forward with
the Recovery Lunch Club planning once the danger of Covid-19 transmission is completely over.
We have no choice but to wait out this storm.

In the meantime, if anyone needs support, you can join us online,
where we have been navigating people thru recovery since 2011.
You'll find our program a solid source of learning, inspiration, and support.
It's all based on the promises and teachings found in the Holy Scriptures.
It's also Bible based and non-denominational.

Virtual Lunches are also a possibility. Just contact us at the bottom of the page
if a Virtual Lunch Club is what you'd like to see during this time.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want help.
We have groups and individual coaching and counseling sessions available.
A link to Recovery Room 7 is right below.

Peer Support... Lunches together... Food... Seriously?

FACT: Sharing Meals Creates a Unique Social Intimacy

Our GOAL is to provide a motivational and inspirational social outlet that brings together people from all different paths of recovery and support. We offer a time to gather and share stories & experiences with each other in a warm, relaxed and casual setting of sharing a meal. Eating together offers an added and deeper level of commitment and support which helps to positively rebuild lives from the ravages of addiction.

PEER SUPPORT RECOVERY has now been found to be a powerful element in helping to maintain sobriety by being able to hear the personal stories of their peers and share their own stories. Peer Support also has been found to help improve social skills and leadership skills while helping others to maintain their sobriety.

Research on addiction treatment and recovery finds that individuals feel more comfortable dealing with complex issues when they are involved in relaxed social groups engaging in soothing activities with their peers. With The Recovery Lunch Club, we can expand their interactions with people from all roads of recovery besides their own. We are not here to replace support groups, as they can be very necessary. We are here to add an enjoyable and powerful layer to recovery that profoundly assists in maintaining sobriety .

The concept of peer support during and after treatment has become popular because it offers practical benefits for individuals who are doing the difficult work of rebuilding their lives after the ravages of addiction. Peers can offer assistance to each other in four different areas:

Emotional support Peers often have a good understanding of the emotional responses and needs of the individual and can provide feedback in language that is most meaningful to the individual.
Informational support Peers can share knowledge and information on a lateral level that circumvents problems with resistance to authority.
Instrumental support Peers can also offer practical help learning new skills that can be shared with other people, a process that increases self-esteem and feelings of competence.
Social support Interactions with peers on a regular basis creates a feeling of belonging that can be relied upon to help with problems, and a place where they can mentor others or be mentored.

Members may be at different levels of recovery and can offer practical advice and real-life information about the best ways to rebuild life after addiction. In groups that provide spiritual support in recovery in addition to other types of assistance, the group experience provides greater spiritual depth for the success of the recovery process.

The daily issues of recovery can be worked out more effectively among peers, in a social experience, who have shared similar life experiences and who can offer appropriate levels of emotional support to sustain sobriety. This special connection with The Recovery Lunch Club Members can be instrumental in providing the sense of belonging that individuals need after the difficulties they have experienced during addiction. Add to this, sharing victories during recovery elevates the road to success for oneself and for others.

How we're achieving our Goal includes the following:

For you to share your story. Sharing is empowering both to yourself and to others
For you to understand your extraordinary value as a person. What we value we take care of!
For you to have your own private and exclusive outlet for an added layer of support. The Recovery Lunch Club is that outlet
For you to be able to mentor someone who may need your help
For you to be able to to compare notes about what everyone else is successful in doing and ways they're enjoying their recovery
For you to be able to identify obstacles
For you to make new sober friends
For you to have help with your goals
For you to celebrate your milestones
For you to have a space without any judgement
For you to have a place to celebrate important occasions, like your birthday
For you to kick back and enjoy a lunch that honors you
For you to hear guest speakers talk about their loved ones' experiences
For you to regain emotional balance
For you to enjoy activities that help Club Members lighten up, get to know each other better, and connect in a super fun way
For you to have team spirit
For you to have a very deserved time to share very difficult things to talk about with peers who understand you

Our mission is to provide an added layer of support for those in recovery and recovery support here in our local communities. We accomplish this by bringing together like-minded people from all roads of recovery. We want everyone to feel comfortable, feel safe, have the freedom to express your thoughts, be able to talk things out, understand how to walk out your recovery in victory, and learn from your peers and mentors. We're providing you with all of this at fun and uplifting monthly lunch events. Our professional Recovery Team is available 24/7 for each Club Member if you need to talk.

Anyone who is actively in Recovery is welcome to join. With only the occasional exception, we will be having most of our lunches in the Hot Springs, Montana area and the nearby surrounding communities. Our Club Members will definitely have a say in where they would like to meet up for future lunch events.

We firmly believe that all of you who are in recovery need a voice and a safe place to express yourself freely!

What have you got to lose? What could be stopping you? If you're on this page reading this, you know that something is lacking in your recovery, and you need more. Give the Club a try and see where it takes you on your road to being able to fully recover and leave your past addiction as dust in the wind.

Why Does Eating Together Make a Dramatic Difference?

Eating together can radically change people's perspectives.

It reduces any perceptions of inequality and brings about a very unique community intimacy. Social anxiety melts away and a heightened trust develops. Over a relatively short amount of time, it draws people together to know that they can count on each other. There's nothing like a common goal (sobriety) and a common enemy (addiction) to bring people together as one.

Q & A

QUES: Is this just another support group, because I already have one?
ANS: The Recovery Lunch Club is not just another support group. It is above and far beyond that. The Club is in addition to your support group and serves as an added and much deeper layer of support to what you are already doing. You can think of it as a type of insurance policy for sobriety. Peer support is a newer idea that has been statistically proven to give you the best chance of long term sobriety. It's a place to grow into your new sober life with your peers by learning and sharing each other's stories and experiences in each of their recovery support paths. It's the path to becoming strong because you will understand how you can be FREE Forever.

QUES: Will I still need my current support group?
ANS: Your current support group can be a very important tool during recovery. We are not a substitute for your support group. We're a life changing profound addition to what you're already doing in recovery. It's a place to expand your clean world and heal! If you have no other support, it's still a great place to be and we can offer you support online if you need it.

QUES: Can I bring a family member or friend?
ANS: Absolutely!

QUES: Are rides provided?
AND: Rides are not provided at this time. Most lunch events will be in or around Hot Springs for your convenience.

*Should anyone be reading this and is kind enough to volunteer to offer rides, please contact us to let us know. We'll put you on a list for our Members.

QUES: I'm still using. Can I still come to a lunch event?
ANS: You are welcome with open arms, as long as you are NOT high or drunk. Anyone high or drunk will be escorted out. That behavior will never be tolerated. Perhaps the Club will be the motivation that gets you into detox.

QUES: Can I still become a Member if I don't live in or around Hot Springs?
ANS: Yes you can. As long as you can get to the event, you can come.

QUES: What's this about 24/7 support? I already have a support group I go to regularly.
ANS: First of all, we don't ever want to interfere with any support group that you may already be involved in. Remember that we are in addition to the support you are already receiving now. We have been navigating people through recovery since 2011 and have provided 24/7 support for everyone we've ever worked with. We gladly extend that to you as well. You can take it or leave it... it's up to you. Sometimes, in recovery, you have those 'moments' when you need to talk it out in order to walk it out. We want to be there for you during those 'moments' so that we can help lift you up to get you walking again. Those 'moments' can be pivotal during recovery. More often than not, people just need someone to talk to who will listen to them and truly hear what they're saying. So, we offer this to you.

QUES: What do you have for teens & tweens?
ANS: Teens & Tweens have different needs than do adults. We have future plans for a Teen & Tween Lunch Club as well; however, this club will take a deeper level of services and many volunteers.

The Recovery Lunch Club doesn't end when lunch is over!

Why are we doing this?

We persevere to make a positive effort to strengthen those in recovery who participate in our virtual online program in the US and Canada. Now, we want to bring the same success and values into our local communities. People in addiction or recovery are (sadly) marginalized and just about forgotten. We want to radically change that. Those who end up in addiction are usually the most sensitive, intelligent, and creative human beings on the planet, so let's return them to who they were meant to be.

Our mission is to provide an added layer of support by bringing together people from all roads of recovery in order for them to feel comfortable, feel safe, talk, share and learn both the victories and struggles others are having in each of their recovery programs. It's a time to heal and look forward to a clean, productive life.

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